YouTube Parts 1-7 how to make a blog

This series of 7 videos is for my internship. I decided to make a blog page complete with an ecommerce component. This is an overview of that process. I referred to this book.
Heather Wright-Porto's book was a huge help.

Parts 1-7

Pyropooch part 1
Pyropooch part 2
Pyropooch part 3
Pyropooch part 4
Pyropooch part 5
Pyropooch part 6
Pyropooch part 7

<title>Richard Pryor Ponders YouTube Parts 1-7 how to make a site for wood burning pet portrait sales blog is a series of videos detailing how gadgets domain management admin using google checkout google docs template designer publishing blog on a custom domain step by step Book Beginning Google Blogger by Heather Wright-Porto</title>