Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I sleep well at night too; However, Urgent Ohio Dogs needs me

However, can mean so many things. I would put it right up there with Maybe. Mom, can we go to the park? Maybe. However in this case refers to one of my deepest loves on this planet, dogs. Currently I have two. Billy, a pug/Boston Terrier mix whose 7 years in my life have been great. Edward, our two year old boxer, is a constant source of joy and pleasure. In this society I have done more than enough to pass the sleep well at night test. The world I have become more familiar with in the last few weeks revolves around dogs who are living in shelters, are very near their time limit before being PTS (Put to Sleep), and need direct human intervention to save their lives.
Elliot a mastiff who was PTS in July, 2011. 
This is the hidden world tucked neatly behind all of the sparkling happy dogs on TV. These dogs have nobody just on their way home from shopping with a new toy or a long walk in mind. They are either strays or dogs given up by their former owners often along with the house that was foreclosed upon. Yes, yes these dogs really do exist. They are ready to adapt to your home dynamics, and give you kisses and hugs when you come home. Sadly, many of them will never get that opportunity to please a new mom or dad.

What can be done? I'm so glad you asked. The group I have been working with is on Facebook. Missy, who runs the Urgent Ohio Dogs page on Facebook and has a growing web site. I am hoping to help her in any way I can. For the average Facebook user the only action needed is to share postings of the new dogs pictured on the page. This simple action can have the butterfly affect and possibly put that pup in front of a friend who can rescue them, share them too, call a friend who might like a new dog ect.

Let me be clear. This is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes you can share and share with all your might and still the clock runs out on them. However, sometimes just showing up and sharing weaves that dog through the labyrinth needed to find a forever home. If you have just a few seconds please visit the link below and click the like button once at Facebook. You will then get a few new listings each night that you can share. Thank You all so much.

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