Friday, March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin- The Hoodie Now Worn Around the World

If you are asking who is Trayvon Martin, you won't be for long. He was a 17 year old son, brother, friend, and aspiring military man. Sadly, he will never get to add husband, father, or grandfather to that list. You see he had the misfortune of crossing paths with George Zimmerman, the man who shot him dead on February 26, 2012.

Trayvon Martin, famous now for wearing a "hoodie" was simply trying to walk back to his house from 7-11 with a pack of Skittles for his little sister. He was also in possession of a bottle of iced tea. I'm no Mcguyver but making a deadly weapon out of those two purchases is not possible. He chose to walk through a gated community on his way home in Sanford, Florida. A community who did not feel the need to pay a guard at the gate or have a paid security whatsoever. They allowed a rouge self-appointed citizen to keep an eye on the community armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

The rest of the facts can be found on the link I provided below to ABC News Blog.

I would like to make the case for more civilized relations. They did not contact his family for three days while he lay in the morgue. In that time they took it upon themselves to run drug tests on his remains. Are you kidding me. This is such an epic failure of a system set up to protect every citizen. They had his phone in their possession. He had just been speaking to his girlfriend moments before he was chased down and hunted like a deer in hunting season. The 911 tapes, which the family had to file a law suit to obtain, contained the shooter telling police that he was following him and "They always get away with it." They who? The dispatcher clearly telling the soon to be shooter not to follow him. They also had another woman who called 911 whose tape you could clearly hear Trayvon yelling "HELP" many times and then the gun shot that took his young precious life.

The police allowed this based on a 2005 law signed by then Governor, Jeb Bush. The "Stand Your Ground" laws, first in Florida, and now 20+ other states were designed to allow a home owner to not have to wait for a robber to enter their home before using deadly force. Fine I am just as sick of the criminal who sued a home owner after he fell through a sky light while trying to break in to their home and injured himself. This law is the basis for this man to get in his vehicle, chase after a kid, confront him with a gun, with no legal authority (peace officer credentials), engage in a physical altercation, and then shoot him in cold blood. Having the police take his word that he was justified. Even a police officer would have to take a paid leave while there was an investigation. Nope not George Zimmerman, he just used some Jedi-like mind trick on the police, police chief, prosecutor, and every other local official involved. "This is not a crime scene you are looking at, he may go about his business, he is just one of those kids from outside the gate. Oh gotcha, WINK WINK.

The thought of such racial hatred being allowed to pass for police work makes me sick to my core. Trayvon had no chance. No chance to be given the benefit of the doubt much less all the protections in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights. According to it was 52 degrees that night. He had on a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) because he was cold not because he was criminal.

The people in charge allowed their bigotry to make assumption about a young black teen that were simply not true. His family will never recover from this. I have been studying for the State of Ohio Life Insurance license. One word I learned was indemnify- to be made whole after a loss by financial payment. I do not think there is enough money to accomplish this. Reverend Al Sharpton held a rally on Thursday March 22, 2012. This is also the day his Mother died. He stated, with composure, how his Mother would have been disappointed if he didn't show up and speak out on behalf of this young man. This incident is historic. Trayvon Martin has done more in his death to flush out racism and bring people of all races and beliefs together.

He will never be forgotten just like Rosa Parks. The few days after her bus ride people had no way of knowing that 50 years later she would be in text books and on street signs all over this nation. When I see a Trayvon Martin Blvd or High School then I will know his family is much closer to being made whole. Please share this story with people you care about.

May his family find some peace and comfort.
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