Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Google, Why have Thou Forsaken Me? Just because I have a Famous Name?

Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog knows how I sing the praises of Google. Well, I am here to sing another song today. A song of extreme  discontent. Let me show you the e-mails I received from them.

As you can see I used the framework set out by the Google conventions, and still I was locked out of my Google+ Profile. I even sent them a picture of my Ohio Drivers license, Facebook Profile link, LinkedIn Profile link and nothing.

After finding no viable way to resolve this error on their part, I called them on the phone. I was told they offer no telephone support for this department at this time. I was disconnected by the woman answering the phone who said "Sir, I have other calls." I got the feeling I could have reached President Obama on his vacation more easily.

Anyone who is familiar with Google know they have been desperately trying to build a Facebook like platform for social networking. There have been many failures such as buzz and orkut. I would think they would exercise more caution before pulling the trigger on a loyal Google user. After all they have a working home phone, cell phone, credit card, mailing address (needed to create my Google Places Page for Obviously, it works since I entered the code they mailed to my home to activate the page.

Being named Richard Pryor has had its ups and downs throughout the years, however, being accused of being a fake profile has got to be the lowest of all. I will continue to use their products and services and I will continue to fight this authoritarian stance they have taken with my profile. Google please complete your review and unlock my profile! Click the G+ logo below to see the profile in a suspended state.
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My 1977 Christmas Story with Legg Perthes Disease

I'll start the previous winter, in Saginaw, Michigan. I awoke one winter morning to find that I was unable to walk. I had gone to bed the night before a happy young kid, with mischief on my mind and little else. Not sure why I was in agony, my Mom and Dad wrapped me up and took me to the doctor. He was unsure and I came home in a wheelchair. This was obviously, a big change for my parents and me.

As the answers eluded my mom, a native Clevelander, deciding to move back to South Euclid, with my Gram, was the right choice. She must have felt like Tom Cruise in Rainman explaining the word Autistic. "What hun he's artistic?" She figured the Cleveland Clinic could help me. Now, as an adult I can appreciate the gravity of this difficult choice for them, especially my Dad. He was a proud man who did everything in his power to provide us a good, stable, and loving home. I was very happy since my Gram was one of the best friends I have ever had in this world. She seemed to get me and my ummmm.... unconventional behavior. I was a smarty pants kid. I miss her very much.

My parents, made this huge sacrifice to try and get me better. The room they slept in had two twin beds. My Dad, in his wisdom, used some twine to tie both bed frames together. I thought that was so cool since the bed was huge. Now that you have the background I can tell the real story.

Christmas that year was filled with hope. For me hope I got some really cool gifts. For them, hoping I would be able to walk again. I vividly recall waking up at 2:00 AM. I was so excited to go downstairs and see if Santa had been there yet. I was offered instead sleeping in bed with them in this huge cool bed. I tucked in with them and fell right back to sleep. I remember being woken up in the morning. I had slept with such peace that night. When I got downstairs my Gram had made this huge breakfast, my Mom was in a good mood and Dad seemed to be at peace too.

It is surely worth mentioning that this must have had an impact on my sister. She had to make lots of adjustments for me. Thank You Beth! I love you. I cannot tell you what I got that morning under the tree. What I got around the tree was love and family. This image will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Mom, Dad, Gram, and Beth. I love you all so much.

Mom was right, The Cleveland Clinic did help me. They discovered I had Info on Legg Perthes Disease . I had to wear Forrest Gump type braces for a year. It was a hard time for me but it shaped me into the man I am today. I left the doctor on Christmas Eve two years later walking on my own. I walked into my Grampa's to the shock of everyone there. Santa did give my parents their wish in his own time.

This year many people might not be able to give the gift they wanted, but they can give memories of family and home that will surely impact their loved ones for decades to come. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Eyes and Our iPods are Both Windows into our Souls

It seems like the Holidays gear us up to hear some of our old musical favorites. As I went searching through our CD collection, to update the new PC, I got to thinking. You can tell a lot about a person by the music they like, and moreover, the music the own. I think the way Pandora chooses what music to select for you based on the wavelengths of notes makes sense to me. Music can reach deep into our mind and conger up images of where we were when we heard it before.

While I was selecting CD's to add to my iTunes library vivid images filled my mind, just reading the names of the albums. For example, one of my best friends in high school was Rocky Block. He loved the group Journey. Yep as a way of reconnecting to those days Journey's Greatest Hits is in the pile. It is as though every song has a separate narrative attached that plays along with the notes. As a forty-year-old Metallica should not be a priority, however, there it is on the pile too. Along with The Best of Duke Ellington the Duke Ellington Centennial Edition. I have wide ranging musical tastes. The Doors, Toby Keith, No Doubt, Rage Against the Machine and Digital Underground are some others.

Music is vital to a healthy life. We should look back and reflect on where we have been to help shape where we are headed. Musical memories, can help us remember just like the smell of a familiar perfume or  cologne we may encounter. I hope you take some time and break out those old favorites and enjoy the ride. It seems funny to me that in 30-40 years some 50-60 year-old's will be playing Lady Gaga with a nostalgic ear. Time slows for nobody. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Rich Info about Pandora's Music Selection Process

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

When We Skip Traditions, We Miss Creating TRUE Wealth

Hello readers, November was a busy month. It was one filled with highs and lows. I must admit, I am guilty of passing on some of the usual traditions which mark the holiday season. While I may have gained extra time to work on the many projects I have going I lost opportunities to re-bond with friends and family.

I am also guilty of blaming the current mood of the nation or economic state of America for needing more time to do my own things. It occurred to me that traditions are what this country is all about. The fact that we can choose to start a new one or try to keep old ones alive demonstrates the greatness of our country. For all her faults and seeming troubles, America is still the only place I would choose to call home.

While the definition of family or friend might be getting more elastic with non-traditional families occupying more of the households these days grounding them with traditions new or old is essential. This does not mean you need to break the bank placing lights up on your house or spend dollars you do not have on gifts made who knows where. It means taking time to get out of your comfort zone and trying to impact someone's life for the better.

This is the essence of a tradition, putting on unusual clothes or cooking atypical foods and sharing them with those you care about is the hallmark of a good tradition. It could mean spending your time on someone who needs some extra TLC. My point is traditions have to start somewhere. Why not make a gift or use your talents in new ways. I can remember being in Cub Scouts in second grade and visiting a nursing home at the North end of Kolbe Road near West Erie during Christmas time. We went floor by floor singing songs and trying to brighten the days of those residents. If we succeeded is not for us to judge the point is that we went. It made an impact on me, obviously.

I recently took time out to help a friend who had suffered a serious loss in her life. I did it, not for any potential reward but to touch the life of a person in need. My hope is that they will help someone in their life and so on. I wish all the best to you my readers and want you to know that there are people who do care in this world. The easiest way to find them is to look in the mirror after sharing your time or talents with someone out of the blue.

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