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Clipper Ship Sails without Michael Sadler

Coach Hoch and Michael back together 

The Clippers' Ship Sails without Michael Sadler
 Back in the fall of 1988 if you were tuned into 930 AM WEOL or one of the lucky ones in attendance you might have heard an announcer at what is now Tom Hoch Field say "Well, it's fourth and long and the Clipper's will have to punt here. Standing back on his own 30-yard line is James Hawkins awaiting the snap. Here it comes, oh wait a minute Sadler #22 ran the fake punt formation and took the handoff from Hawkins and is flying down the far sideline with the ball. He's at the 50, the 40, the 30 and in for another touchdown is Clearview's Michael Sadler." This, of course broke through the crowds, prior ambivalent silence as the cheers could be heard for blocks around the chilly illuminated field. The field that every member of the CLearview Clippers football team, marching band, cheerleading squad, and all of the fans throughout the years current and former held sacred. Growing up in the era of Tom Hoch, football was almost a religious experience. Michael would have worn the garb of archbishop in those days.
This is the short movie that keeps playing in my head. This is how I will always remember Michael.This was my fondest memory of Michael Sadler. As truly special people do, he meant many things to many people. He was a loving husband, father, and for most of us a lifelong friend. As I sit here and try to make sense of the sudden death of Michael, who was taken much too early I cannot help but wonder the most basic question, why.
Michael was one of our own. He grew up in rough but caring part of Lorain known as Campeto. This is the area, which sits between Elyria Avenue and Dunton Road and extends some 10 blocks south of East 36th street. I believe, this area is exactly why there is the international festival every summer. Contained within that small densely populated community is a diverse group of people. There are all manner of races and religions contained there. Above all else, there is a sense of belonging and brotherhood/ sisterhood. We know who we are as people and where we belong. The friendships forged in this crucible of good and bad times are lifelong. There, people know everyone else and truly care for each other. I would not recommend trying to encroach on a game of basketball there without a proper invitation. That court holds deep meaning for many of the young men and women who hone their skills there in hopes of a college scholarship or even the big leagues, some day.
Michael was blessed with many gifts speed, agility, height, and as most of the ladies will tell you a smile you cannot stop admiring. He was handpicked by Coach Hoch to fill the role of tailback. That is no small honor. Coach, had an excellent eye for talent and Michael surely did not disappoint. He would of made Forrest Gump look like a stationary object in a race.
Sadly, I lost contact with Michael not long after graduation. Due to proximity and relocation, June 6, 1989 was the last time I ever saw him. I can say that had we crossed paths in the coming years he is one person I would have gladly made time for. He was a great person and from what I have been learning over the past 24 hours a wonderful father and husband to Linda who he met at Clearview.
I chose to write this because that is what I do, but also I wanted to share my memories of Michael Sadler. The distance allows me a sense of clarity and peace in honoring one of my friends and fellow Clippers. I know not why he is gone only that he is surely in a special place reserved for men like him, Campeto Hero's.  

All the very best to you my friend

Richard Pryor- Clearview class of 1989

Please visit the Michael Sadler Memorial Page on Facebook and add your memories or pictures. 

Touching Words from a Friend and Minister Joe Owens

Minister Joseph Owens 
Heavenly father we know that you are the God of mercy and grace. Father we know that you giveth life and you taketh away. Father we dont know the reason for death but what we do know is that there is life in Jesus Christ. Father God please stretch out your hand look upon the Sadler family and be right there as you are for them. Help us to understand that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I pray for the Sadler family and I ask that you would put your hedge of protection around Mike's wife Linda and his children. Lord your word says that whatever we ask in Jesus name it will be done according to your word.Visit Mikes family right now God, in the name of Jesus and show them that you love them.We know that your word says that you wont put more on us than we can bare.Father place your word in there heart right them the love that no other can give them. Father you kknow and hear all the prayers that are going out and up for this family and I believe alll that haas been asked and being asked is done in Jesus name....Amen
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This was written on behalf of a classmate of mine who passed away very recently. I am not sure of the details surrounding his passing but I wanted to share this beautiful prayer written by another class mate who is now a minister. These words are soft and caring and show the best that humans are able to feel and express when it matters. I pray for the Sadler family. I was not close to them but loss is never easy and we all can appreciate the sorrow in Joe's words. 

May God comfort all who are most affected by this loss. Amen

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Math, Computers, and Hanibal Lecter My First Semester Work wow

Watch out love, there is a well-documented often practiced and not so mysterious competitor gunning for the title "the international language." The study of mathematics has been advancing since as far back as people have been able to record calculations to share with the next generation. We owe most of what we consider, to be modern mathematics to men and women from before the first millennia A.D. who did calculations with small pebbles. The significance of me getting to know some of the math giants whose shoulders I stand on today was not immediately clear. As the class has progressed a pattern has emerged from these historical mathematicians, they advanced the knowledge base of math too. They took Laws, concepts and philosophies from their predecessors and improved upon them. The question posed in this paper is impossible to answer if your frame of reference lacks history. Where did we start, what has changed, what role prime numbers play in our current security encryptions and what calculations still needs to be discovered to finally know how mathematics will be used in our future careers securing computer's 
In my case, discovering how math is not used would prove far easier to define. The computer is after all, a fancy calculator that only understands the most basic number system, binary. I can remember Anthony Hopkins character Hanibal Lecter in the blockbuster Silence of the Lambs. He posed a simple question "What do we covet?" He went on to answer, "We covet what we know." The underpinnings of a computer system are strictly numbers we know pictures, colors, mouse pointers and symbols. The graphic user interface is what we covet the numbers are just a mere formality. Well in security technology this mere formality is the essence of all the really cool stuff your computer is undertaking while you are surfing the web and updating your Facebook page or paying you electric bill.                                                                                             In my research trying to answer the question how math is used I was able to get in touch with Susan Hildebrand. Mrs. Hildebrand is an information systems expert employed by Parker Hannifin Corporation in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Her field of expertise is on mainframe computers used to carry out the business needs of her organization. She joked with me that "math is used all the time especially in the morning just before her first cup of coffee." She then went on to explain that math plays a vital role in setting up a database. She said "You will need to know how large the fields will be, how long the record will be and how many records will be in the repository of data." She also pointed out that bandwidth is a mathematical calculation which will determine how much data gets through and how fast. She stated that there are divisions all over the globe who are counting on enough bandwidth to handle their data needs. She did point out that a key stroke or mouse click needs several mathematical calculations to mean something to the end user (Hildebrand, S. personal communication).  
The relationship between the end user and a main frame computer owned and operated by for example were the topic of discussion on National Public Radio on April eighth two thousand six. On this episode of Weekend Edition Saturday hosted by Scott Simon he was conducting an interview with Keith Devlin. Mr. Devlin who was at the time of the interview The Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University. He is also the author of the book Why You're a Mathematical Genius. The main point Mr. Devlin was making was that all computer security encryption is done by using prime numbers which are numbers that have no factors other than one and themselves.When the list of prime numbers is compiled out to millions of times the point where they are divided into products is almost impossible to calculate. He said that even with a supercomputer it would still take hundreds or thousands of years. He followed that by pointing out that the time needed to crack these prime numbers would certainly be longer than the expiration date of any credit card (Simon, S. Weekend Edition Saturday)
In further researching this prime number security encryption I came across another article in eWeek a computer science publication. In the article they were discussing the hypothesis put forward by German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in an eighteen hundred fifty-nine paper titled "On the Number of Prime Numbers Less Than a Given Quantity." In the paper, Mr. Riemann put forth that there is a formula for finding the exact number of primes less than a given number. The paper does not offer a proof but has been extrapolated out to the millions while still holding true. There was even a one million dollar reward offered to anyone who could discover such a proof. At the time of publishing the article in September 2004 nobody had claimed the reward. The point of the article was to discredit the notion that if the primes could be predicted it would "render the public key toothless." However, according to Burt Kaliski the Chief Scientist and Director of RSA Security Inc. in Bedford, Massachusetts Mr. Kaliski pointed out that if the proof is found that will not take away from the difficulty in cracking the prime number key and computer security will still be safe.
Internet security technology is almost taken for granted these days. If you order a book at or buy, something on there is an expectation that the item(s) will arrive to the doorstep in a timely manner and there will be no problems with this transaction. The math in our everyday lives is like the air we breathe we know it is there because we are not suffocating. If all the sudden we were math deprived a similar reaction would occur as well. Cars, trains, planes and of course, our beloved computers would not work. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who came before us to discover the study of numbers we so richly enjoy today.

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How to Install a Natural Gas Water Heater

 How to Install a Natural Gas Water Heater

Well, I think we can all relate to that morning when we are waking up and no doubt running behind and then it happens. We go to get into a brief but refreshing hot shower and there is no hot water. This is a scene I have been thrust into the middle of many times before. I, will usually recommend hiring a professional plumber to undertake the proper installation of a new water heater. If you are willing to attempt a proper and safe installation of a natural gas non-power assisted venting water heater on your own, this guide should provide you with the tools, supplies and detailed steps needed to get the hot water flowing once again.
As with all plumbing fixtures in a residential building, there are many building codes that need to be followed. The water heater in your home is especially well governed given the inherent danger involved in an incorrect installation. The other thing to consider is that the former appliance may have not been properly installed in the first place, so the old tank will not be a sufficient guide to reinstall your new heater. The first step you should take is to measure the existing heater and the bottom of the vent where it makes contact with your chimney. These two measurements will guide you in the purchase of the new unit. The other things to note while you are getting a supply list together are the types of gas and water valves in place servicing the existing unit. They need to be ball style, meaning they can only turn one quarter of the way, if not they will need to be replaced by a three quarter water valve and a one half inch gas valve. Any new installation will also need to include a thermal expansion tank to be soldered inline above the tank’s cold water supply inlet and below the new ball valve soldered inline. This tank will require a three quarter by three quarter by three quarter female iron pipe tee to accept the threads of the expansion tank. You will also need a ten foot section of three quarter inch copper pipe, six non-stop couplings, a pair of dielectric nipples, four three quarter copper female adaptors, one three quarter male adaptor, a pipe cutting tool, a propane torch, a roll of solder, an adjustable pipe wrench, a minimum of fifteen quarter inch drive self tapping sheet metal screws, a sharp pair of tin snips, two three inch by three foot sections of metal venting pipe, two three inch adjustable ninety degree tin elbows, a pair of vent crimping pliers, a fresh container of soldering paste, a small can of thread sealer, some soldering paste brushes, some grit paper to clean the copper pipes to be soldered, a three quarter inch fitting brush, an electric drill with a one quarter inch drive adaptor to screw  the hex head screws and a bucket of powdered hydraulic cement to seal in the vent where it meets the chimney. I know this sounds daunting, but imagine how good that hot shower will feel.
Before you go to the store, you should shut off the main water supply to the house and open all the faucets to drain down your water system. Another step to save time would be to attach a garden hose to the drain on the front of the existing tank and use any floor drain nearby to empty the old tank’s water supply. I would advise using a vehicle large enough to allow the new tank to lay flat during transport. The sides of new tanks are thin and can crease easily. Once you have returned with the new tank and all the other supplies, make sure you have patience and believe in yourself.
The removal of the old tank can be messy, especially if the failure was due to rusting out of the inner water chamber. If the area is near quality flooring, I would recommend using a tarp to protect these floors. The next step is to turn off the gas at the meter. You will need the pipe wrench to turn the valve the quarter turn needed to stop the gas supply. Next, give the tank a shake to see if it is empty. If so, you can turn off the gas valve near the tank and start unthreading the gas pipe, which is below the gas union. You will smell some residual gas, but do not panic that is normal and will dissipate quickly. Next, unscrew any vent screws and remove the existing vent pipe. Finally, take your new pipe cutter and cut twenty-four inches above the tank into both the hot and cold lines. The tank should move easily out of its place. Next, clean any dust or debris out of the area; since most new tanks have their air inlet on the bottom, you do not want anything to restrict the flow of air. I always cut the new tank box around all four sides at the bottom and top and then down all four sides. These strips make a nice walkway to carry the tank out over to prevent any additional debris from getting on the flooring.
Now you are ready to start installing the new tank. You want to first apply your thread sealer to your dielectric nipples and hand-tighten them into the hot and cold inlets on top of the tank. Next, hand-tighten the female adaptors with no sealer for the moment in order to measure for the pipe needed to reconnect the water lines. The hot side on the left will be a direct connection and can be made with one piece of pipe. The cold side will need a few joints to make the connection. An eight-inch piece of pipe on the cold side will work as a platform to solder onto the female adaptor. The two female adaptors need to be soldered away from the dielectric nipples to avoid melting the plastic inner linings. Once they are soldered the can be threaded onto the dielectric nipples with thread sealer. The soldering will be the trickiest part of this installation.
Soldering is an art form. The concept is easy enough to grasp, but the actual leak free connection is the bane of most new plumbers. The key is clean joints to start with, by that, I mean sanded on the pipe side and brushed on the socket part of any fitting. This, along with new clean solder paste and a new brush to apply the paste, will dramatically increase your success rate. Once you have measured the pipe, cut it, cleaned the ends and brushed on the solder paste, you are ready. The solder paste when heated will draw in the melted solder and make a leak free joint. A note of caution: you can overheat the joint and take away the solder paste’s effectiveness, so heat slowly and watch for a slight color change on the copper. The joint when heated enough will draw in the solder easily and then will need plenty of time to cool. Patience during this process is paramount.
Assuming you have successfully soldered your first two pieces of pipe to their respective female adaptors and allowed them to cool, you are ready to thread them with thread sealer onto the dielectric nipples. The only other connection needed on the hot side will be the non-stop coupling where the new and the old pipes are reunited. The cold side will need the tee for the thermal expansion tank next. After cleaning the pipes that fit in the tee, cut an eight-inch section of pipe to install the new three quarter ball valve onto. On top of that, you will need the exact measurement to rejoin the new with the old pipes using a non-stop coupling. The side of the tee for the thermal expansion tank will need plenty of clearance for the expansion tank to screw into, so hold up the expansion tank to make sure there is room for it to allow for the ball valve handle to operate easily and that it will not interfere with the room needed for the vent pipe. The only other soldering needed will be the last section of pipe, which will be soldered onto the male adaptor and the threaded into the pressure relief valve located four inches down on the side of the tank. This valve will need a piece of pipe and male adaptor from the bottom of the threads to go down toward the floor leaving no more than four inches. This precautionary step is to avoid being scalded by a tank that is using this escape valve to prevent the tank from exploding. The water exiting here will be hotter than the normal tank setting.
Now that all the soldering is finished up, it is time to install the new gas valve, which will service only this appliance. You will need to unthread the old gas valve and hold the pipe above it as not to loosen any fittings above the valve you will be changing. The use of thread sealer here is absolutely necessary. Once you have the new valve in place, turn the handle sideways to shut off the flow of gas. You can then go to the meter and turn the main gas back on and relight the pilot lights of your stove and furnace if needed. Next,  reassemble the gas line starting from the tank and working back to the union making sure you are sealing every joint along the way, and do not forget to remove the plastic cap from the side of the gas inlet on the side of the new gas control valve. Keep in mind the tank will need to bleed out air in the line and will not light right away. All you have left is to hook up the venting.
The top of any new tank will be filled with hard foam, so you will need a small flat screwdriver to clear out the holes on the top of the tank there to accept the new hood. The hood, along with every other joint of the vent, will need at least three self-tapping screws at every joint. The vent will need a constant upward pitch on its way to the chimney, so bear that in mind when you cut the vent pipe. By that I mean do not cut it too long to accommodate the adjustable elbow’s height when configuring the final vent layout. Once you measure the vent, cut it with the tin snips. The point where the cut was made on the vent will need to be reopened and that small screwdriver will come in handy there. Once the vent is cut, you will need to crimp the newly cut end with the crimping tool so it will fit into the elbow. After the vent is in place and screwed at every joint, all that is left is cementing the vent where it meets the chimney; this is to prevent any carbon monoxide from escaping into the room. Just follow the directions on the cement and remember it dries quickly.
     Now this might sound like a tough job, but it will save the expense of a plumber. My record time for completing an install was fifty minutes. This is not insurmountable and with some patience you will be in that hot shower congratulating yourself on a job well done.    

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My Psychology Presentation offers an online environment to construct highly interactive presentations. If you want to enjoy this to the fullest follow the link and go to the presentation. Before you start it zoom out and click the bottom left corner of the Skid Row link. This will start the music. Enjoy it you just have to use the left and right arrows. 

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Prayers on Facebook and Why I Believe in Them.

Why I Pray with Facebook
By Richard Pryor
Writing about prayer is nothing new. In fact, I would feel comfortable thinking it is in the top five all time written about subjects. I think people write because they have witnessed or been the recipient of a miracle. They have a feeling inside that they do not want to lose. They feel so strongly that fate or good fortune has been visited upon them. They want to share the good news and proclaim that they have found a way to speak to their God. Prayer is a known device. People who pray know they pray and that is not in dispute. The question I am exploring is whether there is a synergistic response using Facebook. I have had an event in the last few days that has put at least a touchdown and a two-point conversion on the scoreboard for prayer working. God seems to have an affinity for anecdotal evidence. I am glad Facebook is there for people to share their thoughts, prayers, and joys. I hope people take away from this a feeling of spiritual renewal and know that their prayers do matter and sharing them on Facebook can only amplify their request .
I have written before about the Schmidt family in my neighborhood. I know many of you read about them and their family (if not just look in the archives for that posting The House Built by Schmidt). Well, Saturday turned out to be one of those days where her phone rang with its familiar old style ring tone that sounds like the phone in the Olsen's store on Little House on the Prairie. It was the wife of her oldest son Don. She told Joann Schmidt that the visiting nurse had been to the house and recommended Don being taken to the hospital. He was displaying stroke like symptoms and was in urgent need of medical care. She was right. They called 911 and off he went. She was further told that he was being rushed into emergency surgery after suffering a stroke. This was due to an errant nick to his spinal cord covering during a recent simple surgery he had a few weeks ago. In the weeks, since he had been losing spinal fluid and this had caused the current problem.  
On Saturday just before I posted the prayer request on Facebook, I had hung up the phone with my dear friend Joann who was very upset and wondering if she would ever see her son alive again. I was saddened to hear her so upset and did what many people would do, I prayed for her and her son. I felt as though I needed a louder voice of prayers so I made the Facebook status update. I recruited my Mom who is an ordained minister. We have an inside joke that rates the prayers I might ask from her or she will offer of her own accord on my behalf. That came from one day when I was taking a test at school last year. I told her about the test and she said she would pray; I told her not to waste a good one and pray too hard since I had studied hard and did not need a strong one. She laughed. I love you Mom! I sent her a message on Facebook and told her I needed the heavy artillery, this time. It was serious.
The updates were slow to arrive, but the first word came while I was out with Lisa. He had made it through brain surgery. Then there was more waiting for further updates. All of them were building in momentum to the point we had been praying for, he was going to make it. Our prayers were answered. Thank you everyone who did pray or at least thought positive thoughts for my friend.
I purposefully have on my religious beliefs on my Facebook profile "God is there via your choice of interface." I do not know why prayer and God has caused so many people their lives and wars have been fought over this topic. Perhaps, I did not pay attention in confirmation class and I am ignorant or I am unfamiliar with other religious beliefs. I am willing to take that criticism. I just know that on Saturday March 12, 2011, I prayed along with others who care about me and my friends and it worked. What is the worst thing that could happen if I have this simplistic belief? I cannot tell you the entire historical context that religions were based upon way back then. I know that today we all are witnessing some of the most volatile events since I have been alive these 39 years. I take comfort in believing in a higher power and not blaming God for the daily news-cycle. You could have easily lost an entire day last Friday watching the wave of hell pass through that farmland in Japan while you heard all the talking heads offer their opinions for and against nuclear power. I turned off the television and said a prayer for those fellow human beings. I have prayed for them every day since. I pray because I believe it works. I also say thank you when it does and accept the outcome when it does not. Amongst all of the upheaval in the ring of fire there was a small prayer answered here in my little piece of the world. For that, I say thank you and especially to Facebook for providing the platform.   

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Schizoid Personality Disorder Is this Where Hackers Come From?


Schizoid Personality Disorder
Psychology 101
Mr. Heinrich
Bryant and Stratton College
Richard Pryor
March 29, 2011

At no time in recorded human history has so much information, communication, and cooperation been available to so many people ever. Does all that matter? I think back to my formative years and some of my childhood cartoon favorites, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. As you just saw if you followed the link there, too Daffy Duck had access, but not permission, to a vast fortune. Even with access to all of that perceived wealth what good was it if there were no banks or stores to exchange the riches with in the immediate area. Access to information is only of value if you can transform it into an exchangeable commodity. Some people are so good at deriving value from information online using legal and illegal means that psychological motivations are driving them to commit crimes. What some of my research is suggesting is that people with eccentric personality disorders and specifically Schizoid personality disorder are most likely to commit computer crimes. I am striving to make a psychosocial profile of these criminals using recent data and studies. My initial aim for this project was to detail the mind of a computer hacker. This, has been easier said than done. Hackers do not attend annual conferences in Las Vegas and tend to prefer the shadows for cover. Therefore, I will present study about flow-based motivation, some Schizoid personality disorder traits, the current beliefs as to causation, and offer my opinions on how this could be a hacker in the making from a psychological perspective.
My initial attempts to locate relevant studies in the EbscoHost© Database were mostly fruitless. I was not surprised to find numerous studies about poverty, educational studies, women's issues, racial exploits, and the like, which are all good topics. However, I could not find many computer crimes studies. It is common knowledge that a larger percentage of our national economy is now directly linked to online resources than ever before. Since that is the case more studies should be conducted that will help provide insights to these threat-agents. I was able to find a study, which gave some idea as to what is motivating hackers aside from financial rewards.
I share the author's concern than many more hacker research projects need to be completed. In this study titled Flow-Based Model of Computer Hackers' Motivation I will quote the first part of the introduction. "Computer Hackers, taken as a target group seem problematic to be investigated, mainly due to organizational and procedural difficulties. Hackers tend to stay anonymous; even when pooled in teams they would not let others enter into their underground communities."(Voiskounsky 2003) Here is one more quote "Education needs to be based on psychological data; police actions and firewalls should not substitute Psychological research."(2003)  
The term Flow-based in this study refers to a term coined by Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi in the book Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: The Experience of Play in Work and Games. The author describes an "action freely follows the pervious action, and the process is in a way unconscious; flow is accompanied by positive emotions and is self rewarding." This same psychologist is mentioned in the book Human Relations Strategies for Success 4th Edition, which was the textbook for the human relations class at Bryant and Stratton College. The original hypothesis was that there was continuous flow felt by the hacker as long as their skill level increased. This turns out not to be the case after conducting the research. There was a zigzagging effect on the study participants. The initial feelings of flow eroded as their competence in the exploit undertaken increased. This, leads to a "flow-crisis", which required both sides of the equation to increase in order to feel the mental high or flow. Since the motivation for flow comes from internal rewarding and not external like a paycheck, it becomes more difficult to move up the hacking ladder. Fortunately, this drives many hackers to reform their ways and seek steady income serving as security experts. The study was carried out in Russia where the public has a higher regard for hackers according to the author.
The study mentioned above was tangentially related to Schizoid at best. The lack of psychological data makes drawing a nexus between Schizoid as a proximal cause and hacking difficult to prove. The illusive nature of computer hackers in general makes formal research a tricky proposition. You may wonder why I just do not pick another topic. I will use a quote from Sun Tzu who lived in 5000B.C. "Therefore I say: One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be in danger in a hundred battles."(Sun-Tzu) As a future security expert, I will need to know all I can about my enemy. Therefore, I will illustrate the diagnosis criteria for Schizoid and demonstrate some anecdotal relationships with Schizoid Personality Disorder and a high likelihood of attracting hackers.
Christina Olvera, writing for submitted an article titled Signs of Schizoid Personality Disorder gives some likely causes for concern. The first sign is if a person wants to be home alone all the time. She says that Schizoid is part of a group of disorders called eccentric personality disorders. Although there are a few common factors with Schizophrenia the Schizoid person will be much higher functioning. Some symptoms include seeming distant and detached, avoiding social activities, avoiding close relationships including family, no interest in sex with others, seeming dull and humorless, taking a roll of follower and not leader in a group, and underperforming in school or work. They might seem indifferent or show no emotion. The patient will be suffering great emotional pain but will not express it outwardly. "Professions and activities that might be preferred by someone suffering from Schizoid Personality Disorder are Theroretical Physicists, Mathematicians and computer hackers, crackers and programmers."(Olvera) She goes on to say that these jobs require a lot of time alone with nobody to answer to. She concludes by saying that the prognosis is not good. Most will go undiagnosed and if faced with too much stress they could have a psychotic episode. That could lead to a depressive illness. I can imagine that the lack of specific outward signs leads to no diagnosis. I would also think that since there is no immediate threat to others that would leave sufferers to live in misery. 
All hope is not lost if a diagnosis is made and treatment is successful. Ray Little wrote one of the best articles I have found that answers the question why. The article is divided into two parts. First, the author attempts to consolidate ideas from the giants in the field of psychology. From Freud and working forward through time until the present. Supposition of what processes are taking place in the mind are theorized. Secondly, the article goes into a step by step process of how a therapeutic cure might be achieved. In the interest of time, I will cover the highlights but strongly recommend a full review of the article. I found it quite moving.
The general conclusion is that as an infant the child would have been grossly neglected. This neglect would force the child to retreat into a deep hiding place in their head. The primary driver of this research was done by Ronald Fairbairn between 1940 and 1952.(Little) He pioneered the idea of object-relation units. For example, you have the parent-object in this case the victimizer or even a sadistic-object. The next conclusion is that patients will employ some common defense processes for example a splitting process "process by which a mental structure loses its integrity and becomes replaced by two or more part-structures." In addition, there is the process of repression or the process of rendering something unconscious. Regression, a further defensive process, is characterized by a flight inwards and backwards, even to the point of suicide.
A case study in the article spoke of a patient named Sebastian. One of the things that stuck out was that sometimes the patient appeared to not recall the prior therapy session. I can only imagine the frustration of the therapist. I will quote "During sessions, Sebastian often withdraws and seems to be watching me. It is as if he is on the inside of his head looking out of his eyes watching my every move."
The process of withdrawal is not a pleasant one according to the author. Most of the cited works in the article spoke of humans as relationship and attachment seeking from birth. Another said we are hardwired at birth for social interaction. Another quote, "experiments in which the mothers of infants were asked to be silent and still faced for just three minutes. The infants tried to influence the mother within 15 seconds, as if to elicit a normal response. If they were unsuccessful, they withdrew."(Little) There was also accounts of how neglected babies would go into hiding with his or her needs. The disruption might cause the ego to fragment. The key concept is that the vulnerable part of the baby goes into hiding as if to protect itself. The idea of this makes me sad I must admit. If this is what indifferent parents do their children they do not deserve them. Finally, the child develops what the author calls an internal saboteur, which prevents the vulnerable self from coming out of hiding and walls off the rest of the world.  
The next important concept is that of a wall that prevents the unconscious and conscious from communicating. A further burrowing into the mind and away from reality where fantasies of reentering the womb occur marks this. This is a process to protect the child from more perceived neglect and danger especially from its primary care taker. This also acts to blunt the rage contained within the child and the transference of the anger from the parent to the child. This is fine but as demands of adulthood emerge, there comes to be a Schizoid dilemma. Urges to seek out mates are fighting with the urge to hide. 
The process of undoing all of this neglect is long and fraught with pitfalls. I will summarize to save time. The patient and the therapist need to bond to allow a safe zone for the vulnerable side to come out. This will take the therapist to stand in as a proxy defender protecting the vulnerable mind. There needs to be a careful balance of airing out old feelings of neglect planted way down in the mind and keeping the current safe zone concept in tune. If this can take place over a long period of time the trust developed can transfer to others and a cure will be at hand.
This entire process of looking at the behavior of someone with Schizoid in the order I did made sense to me. I wanted to save redemption for the end. I will be thankful for the opportunity to write this paper forever and will always take more time to thank my mother for her kindness and caring during my infant years. I look forward to learning more about personality disorders as a matter of quality preparation for my upcoming career.  

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