Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Google, Why have Thou Forsaken Me? Just because I have a Famous Name?

Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog knows how I sing the praises of Google. Well, I am here to sing another song today. A song of extreme  discontent. Let me show you the e-mails I received from them.

As you can see I used the framework set out by the Google conventions, and still I was locked out of my Google+ Profile. I even sent them a picture of my Ohio Drivers license, Facebook Profile link, LinkedIn Profile link and nothing.

After finding no viable way to resolve this error on their part, I called them on the phone. I was told they offer no telephone support for this department at this time. I was disconnected by the woman answering the phone who said "Sir, I have other calls." I got the feeling I could have reached President Obama on his vacation more easily.

Anyone who is familiar with Google know they have been desperately trying to build a Facebook like platform for social networking. There have been many failures such as buzz and orkut. I would think they would exercise more caution before pulling the trigger on a loyal Google user. After all they have a working home phone, cell phone, credit card, mailing address (needed to create my Google Places Page for Obviously, it works since I entered the code they mailed to my home to activate the page.

Being named Richard Pryor has had its ups and downs throughout the years, however, being accused of being a fake profile has got to be the lowest of all. I will continue to use their products and services and I will continue to fight this authoritarian stance they have taken with my profile. Google please complete your review and unlock my profile! Click the G+ logo below to see the profile in a suspended state.
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