Saturday, November 5, 2011

Andy Rooney You Paved the Way, Thank You !!

The voice was unmistakable. The tone was predictable. And the eyebrows, well they never met a trimmer. Andy Rooney was an entity unto himself. He was clearly more substance than style. His voice, was in a small select club of journalists who helped shape American values, like Paul Harvey or Walter Cronkite.

Andy Rooney was by no means perfect. He was, however, able to summon deep thoughts seeing popular culture through the prism of time and experience. I heard today that he was deeply moved by his coverage of WWII. Seeing death camps would clearly affect how anyone would place a value on events, using that standard. My guess is that he measured the worthiness of a  topic on a scale holding an invisible weight on one side. This made the validity of his topic for the week endure a higher level of scrutiny before it came off the roller of his typewriter. 

Bearing all that in mind his topics could have been bizarre or even petty. He found merit in them and so did his viewers. I can only imagine having the audience he did to speak my mind. I am very thankful for anyone who reads my little blog and finds something worthwhile. When a writer connects with his/her audience that is a great feeling. I can just keep putting my thoughts out there in hopes of making a difference. Everyone has opinions and everyone forms their opinions based on their history and the information they have at that particular time. As a person who is trying to convey an honest, well reasoned, and cogent argument I only have my integrity to back me up. In his 70+ years as a writer and commentator he never lost the trust of his audience. To me that is his most impressive stat.

I look forward to writing more heart felt pieces and putting them into the public sphere. I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Rooney for hacking a path through the dense underbrush and showing millions of us the way forward. Thank You!  

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