Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My letter to the Zanesville Animals & Decision on Issue 2 NO

My Dear Sweet Animal Friends,

I am writing to you in words that I use, but find inadequate to express my sorrow for all of your pain. I am also writing to express a collective apology from my species to all of yours. Sometimes we humans do things to others which are frankly, stupid. Some of us have had a history of visiting far away lands, tearing the beautiful creatures away from their homes against their will, and bringing them back here for our own selfish reasons.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerIf you could hear my words you would know that 99% of humans find this practice absolutely revolting and believe that you should have never been allowed to live in such awful hellish conditions. Furthermore, you would know that Terry Thompson is viewed by nearly all of us as selfish, self-important, unethical, law-breaking, gun toting, evil, crewel, moronic, animal-harming, ass, who should not have been allowed the company of a house fly, as a pet. And then to think he would set you free before taking his own life. Free to take the bullets that a society of Laws and Order, which had no choice, but to kill you all to protect other citizens. Bullets that would have still been in their clips were it not for this awful waste of carbon.

Lastly you should know that the people who did shoot the bullets that truly freed you from this world did so as the last resort. I am certain they will never be the same. To be forced to do your duty because of an oath sworn despite any personal reservations, shows the measure of these brave officer's. I hope you will finish this letter knowing that they had exhausted every other means to resolve heart breaking event. Under any other circumstance they would have tried to save you.

Richard L. Pryor, Jr.

Issue 2

Until this moment, I was unsure about how I would vote on Issue 2. I thought of this in terms of economic forces. I am not a member of a union but have many friends and family who are. I respect the police/sheriff who put on a uniform complete with the State Seal and flag of our nation. They have sworn an oath to keep the peace among other duties.

To have to pull a weapon from their side and discharge it at some of the most majestic and beautiful animals on the face of this earth, in order to keep true to their oath, rises to the level of collectively setting their pay and other compensation levels. The Governor will have to look elsewhere to balance his budget.

The people who are first responders do not have the luxury of  picking and choosing which calls they will answer. They take them all. So, when some idiot decides to replicate Noah's Ark in his back yard, go to prison causing neglect and pain for these poor creatures, wonders why his wife left him, throw open the Ark's doors, then pop the zit on the ass of humanity that is his life, the sheriff has no choice but to clean up his messes. All of them. I say vote no on Issue two!         

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  1. I know you are writing about the animals of the Zanesville situation at this moment, but your thoughts about answering calls, pulling a sidearm in self defense and defense of others, and all that goes along with working in the safety forces, applies to humans as well. Vote know on issue 2 for all the reasons and comments I recently posted on Facebook, vote NO on Issue 2 because it will severely impact your safety forces in your town that will answer your call when you need it, vote NO on issue 2 because you know me and it will affect me, but mainly, Vote NO on issue 2 because your state elected officials lied to you and it is a bad bill!


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