Monday, October 31, 2011

My Guess on Daily News: Cain Pain, Ohio Issue TWO, MF Global

In my view, these stories are all unique but related by a common theme, context. The way the media works to either promote or ignore based on their idology is fascinating to me. I wonder which story will be in the news longest.

Last night I was watching the replay of Geraldo at Large on Fox News. I saw the Yellow ALERT flag in the lower right corner of the screen and thought well there goes the Cain Campaign down the drain. I had mixed feelings. Here was a guy who had never held political office, who was surging in the polls, and was simultaneously a huge threat to the left and right establishment in D.C. He was somehow able to pull the Star Wars trick on both camps. This is not the candidate you should be messing with. At least that is what I thought.

This news complete with couched remarks closely made to resemble much more serious allegations in carefully scripted language was sad. It went like this "Herman Cain, who was the CEO of the .... is fighting off allegations he made inappropriate gestures possibly of a physical nature......both women were paid five figures settlements to leave quietly."

Come on really. Is this how far we have sunk? There is a lot of room between 10,000 and 99,999 and both are five figures. And gestures, he could have been telling a story to a completely different coworker and been recounting what someone else had done. The lack of context is simply sorrowful. Context is literally the beginning, a starting place. Without that, the story holds little merit and smells of a hit job.

Ohio issue two is practically taking up every other commercial spot on the local TV stations. One says vote yes, the next vote no. Both pick there best talking point and omit context also. I have already posted a piece on my feelings on this issue last week. I will not be supporting the measure.

I have another anecdote as to why. I have been in search of a job for some time now. I was talking to a friend who is a public school teacher and a business owner. He offered me a position working for him at his restaurant, Master Italian Pizzeria in Strongsville. He might have been paid better than private sector workers, but he has spent wisely and used his resources to make an opportunity for his community and me specifically. I guess Jay is a trendsetter. To simply put "Union Workers" or "Teachers Union members" in one basket and scorn them all is a mistake.

Just a quick word on MF Global, since it is in the news today. I only mention this because there was a high profile CEO running the organization, Jon Corzine, the former governor of New Jersey. As a democrat I wonder if he will get the same tough talk as Mr. Cain in the media. Mr Cains transgressions are ambiguous at best, while you can look at a one week chart of MF Global's stock price. He counted on Sovereign Debt (Country Bonds) of struggling European Nations to be bailed out at 100% and lost the bet. They got cut in half after the meeting last week and Mr. Corzine's stock fell from 4+ dollars a share to $1.20 this morning when trading was halted and since, they have filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy. He lost his investors a lot of money in the last week. There is plenty to be mad about, by those "Occupying Wall Street." Especially given the low opinion of Wall Street bankers these days. I don't have a dog in that race I was just putting forth my observations.

To be clear, I do not endorse Mr. Cain or any other candidate. I find plenty to object to without resorting to slight of hand phrasing, and slippery accusations, which have not been sourced. I find Mr. Cain's relationship with some political entities troublesome, to be sure.
I also have faces and names and decades of history to go along with the people who issue 2 will hurt. I must say, knowing the crafter's of Senate Bill 5 exempted themselves from the affects of this law, shows me that you cannot trust the powers that be.

Context, a scarce commodity these days, should be the cornerstone of sharing information with a large public audience. To know the starting point allows you to form a true opinion supported by facts.

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