Monday, October 10, 2011

Google Places a must for any business and it's free

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Google has made their reason for being one of the most important company's in America obvious again. I am talking about Google places. This new layer to their search format is a must for any business who wants to stay viable in this new era. As you can see I have gone through the process, which is a bit tedious but got my listed on Google Places. For the small business this can really help level the playing field since there is no barrier to entry, it's free.

The fact is that a plurality of Google searches for specific businesses take place on mobile devices. If you were unaware you can search by zip code. For example you could be hungry for an old fashioned ice cream sundae. You know that the zip code in your current area is 44053. By simply taking you iPhone or android device you just enter the topic and zip code.
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Your results will be just like I have above, using a desktop system. It offers you a list of businesses in your area of choice. Having one of those little red pins is absolutely a must. As far as some people are concerned if you do not show up there you do not exist or you lack the legitimacy to get a listing. Google does add a level of comfort to your potential customers. I would simply suggest going to google,com/places and adding a places page to Google. If you get stuck feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will see If I can help you. Send them to .I will add more detail later. Good luck!! 
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