Thursday, October 13, 2011

Google, no recession there, They are Selling Enlightenment

I suppose there are winners and losers in volatile markets, such as the one's we are seemingly stuck in these days. It's funny how there are no protesters lining the streets of lovely Mountainview, California. There was not even so much as a peep in any media report I could find. The last 90 days generated $7.51 Billion dollars for Google. I say thank God.

For as much as you could argue that Google does not make anything as decried by so many looking for manufacturing  jobs to reappear in America, they do provide the tools, for free, to allow us to make new types of "stuff". Google has done more, in my opinion, to level the playing field for those with the patience to go learn themselves. I have made this and one other site called all on Google platforms. I have bought one book and a cable modem to connect. The learning is what I chose to stick in the pipeline. I am so glad Google has put it there for all.

I specifically used the word platform because you truly can build anything with Google tools. If you just take the initiative to search YouTube (a Google Property), there are millions of how to videos at your finger tips. Then you can take your new knowledge and use Google Docs, Picasa, Picnik (Software to edit photos online) and so on and so on. I am proud to say that part of the 7.51 billion was from me. I bought some additional storage (in the cloud) for my private files 20 Gb for five bucks a year and 2 custom domains, $10 each a year.

I have an IT degree in security so of course I use Two Factor Authentication on my account so don't try to find my files. I mention the degree also in the context that I learned how to learn in school. The actual subject matter is not as important as the ability to leverage information. That is truly to best gift I could have ever given myself. I have applied the strong will to learn to absorb everything I can from Google IT sites, videos, articles, ect. I see cloud computing all over the place these days. Google was the best mass marketer of this concept. They were criticized on CNBC last week by Jim Cramer for "The drunken Sailor routine." especially buying Motorola Mobility. The majority of their M&A activity is devoted to buying technologies that can serve the public at large. If I use them and become proficient I will need to buy more of their paid services. They benefit from an informed customer as much as their share holders, Mr Cramer. And by the way I learned how to embed videos like this one on Google.

Fast Forward to 4:22 in the clip if you want to see the Google part only

You are the only thing stopping you from making the most out of your time. I know being passively entertained by video games or MTV  might be fun. I argue that being enlightened and entertained all at once is the way to go for me. We are living in the re-age of enlightenment. The fact that I am just sitting at the kitchen table putting this up on MY OWN web site is proof of just how far we have come.

P.S. I must give a shout out to Google Chrome my web browser of choice.

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