Friday, September 2, 2011

My knowledge of the Sheffield Township Fire victims, The Maruschak's

I would like to contribute some thoughts to the tragedy, which has unfolded over the past couple of days in Lorain, my hometown. I knew the family back in my high school days. I was in their home many times in the late 80's. They were always kind and caring people. Especially, when it came to Michael.

I graduated with Bill in 1989 from Clearview. There were only 89 in 89. We were a small class but our spirit was mighty. Bill, who was my biology partner, was the strong silent type. He kept to himself but if I worked on it I could usually have him smiling by the end of biology. We were on the football team together and got along just fine.

Michael, his brother was never far from Bill. They walked to school together and Bill always had time for Michael. Michael like me, was not an athletic specimen but any physical deficits he may of had back then were greatly overshadowed by his pure heart. He was a nice guy who always made a visit to the house more enjoyable.

Bill's family had converted their garage into a rec-room with lots of musical recording equipment and instruments. His father joined us one time and tried to explain how some of the consoles worked. I was lost but enjoyed seeing the family get so much from the music they played. His parents were kind to me and always offered me a drink and made me feel at home there. As soon as I saw the picture of the house being consumed by flames I knew where it was.

Had Michael been attending school in this era he would have been afforded much more protection against bullying. He was an easy target for the people who didn't know him, or his brother Bill, who is a tall imposing figure to anyone who might have had something negative to say against his little brother. Bill ALWAYS had Mike's back. After the events that took place the other night that debt has been paid in full with interest. Michael left this world a super hero just like his comic books featured.

I am very sorry for the loss of Michael and the emotional toll his loss will take on his family. I do recall seeing photos of Bill on Facebook holding his newborn son a couple of years ago. He was surely smiling then. My prayers are with them and with Michael, his guardian angel.  

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  1. Thank You for sharing your kind thoughts and prayers. Good people like you help ease our hearts. What a marvelous community we have.

    Tom Maruschak (Mike's dad)


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