Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Follow Up for Can I find the Words in the Lines I am Burning? (Images Included)

Bruce Elliot Mills III

I wanted to offer you some additional information about the post from last Wednesday. This is the picture I was given to work from. It was, as photos go not the best to use, however, it was his mother's favorite. Mine is not to question just do what I do. It turned out to be a fitting image to memorialize Bruce III for all of time.

As I mentioned last week I do pick up vibes from a subject I am working on. In this case, this beautiful 10 month old baby boy was not sick at the time of his passing. He was spending the night at his Grandmother's home as his parents were out celebrating their ten year anniversary. As I heard it she checked on him in the middle of the night and covered him up with a blanket. When she awoke the next morning she found his lifeless little body there, just as she had left him. He was already gone.

The friend who asked me to make this told me this was the hardest funeral she had ever attended. I believe it. You had to be left with more questions than answers. The why's and what-if's can eat you alive in a case like this. Since I asked not be made aware of the details until I finished this piece I had a completely different take on this tragic event.

I only had one image, a single image to draw all of my inspiration from. An image that spoke to me on a couple of levels. On the one hand, he was at the park with his Mom enjoying a sunny day relaxing on a bench. You can see her reflection, in his eyes, while that single moment in time had much less significance. It was just one of many digital images taken over his short 10 month life. He was smiling and had a slightly mischievous look on his face. He was obviously loved very much.

On the other hand, I noticed the wood on the bench had been slightly vandalized by someone who felt they needed to carve on the wood. These marks, to me, served as a reminder that the world he was born into was not perfect. He was vulnerable to some of life greatest dangers no matter how much he was loved and protected. SIDS I am assuming is what took his young life. I do not know for sure and may never know. Sometimes things just happen to spite our very best efforts to protect our children.

While there are no words I can put together to take away his family's pain I can offer prayers and a compassionate heart. I hope that time will help to soften the burning anguish in their hearts. To my little friend, who I got to know every slight detail of your face, from that moment in time, I wish you love and peace. I have done my best to honor you and your memory. May God bless you.

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