Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Fog that cloaks the economy will lift, Just take your foot off the Brakes

Imagine if you will a dark moonless night out on a lonely stretch of highway. To further deprive your senses, there is a thick heavy fog that only allows you the briefest glimpse of the road to come. The fear is not the known factors, like your headlights, the road-marking's, the eye strain, or even curves in the road. The fear comes from the unexpected. What if I suddenly come across a slow moving car or a deer darting out in front of my car? Fog brings on one constant thought; when will this lift?

People in general are not that complicated to understand. They want vision. Vision of their surroundings, vision of where they have been and mostly vision of where they are headed. To deprive a person of their vision as we have all heard heightens the other senses. It's almost like we are so afraid to move forward for fear of the unknown, that we are just stuck. We are hunkered down smelling, touching, tasting, and feeling around. The ironic part of all this fog is that we now have more means of communication than ever before.  However, this just overwhelms our other senses and causes further slowing of progress.

As I sat there this morning with my TV tuned to various news and financial channels, it occurred to me That I was peering out through a fog of my own making. I had an acute case of what-if-itus. Was I so worried about what might come to pass that I missed what did come to pass? In our heightened state of awareness we have lost our sense of risk taking. To hedge your position entirely will leave no room for upside. You saw a peek of this as gold prices fell the other day. Let me out sell sell sell. Relax people you need to remember what the economy is.

The economy, which seems to have grown into the 800-pound elephant we all talk about everyday and might not even realize, is not our enemy it is the sum total of money making activity. The economy has taken on the ability to meet our needs as an excuse, whipping boy, tool to inflict harm against opposing political parties, and general bad boy we all love to hate. While I do agree there are certain factors that affect the overall state of the rules we all play by the economy is not a singular item. I argue the economy is made up of billions of small processes. A person takes a some raw material(s) and with effort and knowledge creates something worth more than the raw material(s). The key is having others to buy your products. There is no law against trying something new. As I wrote some time ago we all have talents in reserve, just waiting to be tapped.

This, in my view, is how the economy works. When people stop seeing the fog they are able to find their own material(s) to sell or trade for others. While this might seem simplistic stop to realize how this might be applied to the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. You can see farmers, wheat processors, bee hive workers, wick makers ect.

To sit in fear and blame either the President, congress or the economy, just takes time from baking your cake. There are no magic infrastructure projects or tax cutting schemes that will overcome this basic truth. If nobody is willing to look through the fog and buy a load of grain you don't need the new road or bridge after all. No economic activity means nothing to tax less either.

While it may feel good to attack left or right it feels better to make something have more value than its parts along with your labor. I am not an economist just a guy who believes that people when given the chance will do the right things. Now you just have to believe in yourself and enjoy finding you new talents. Mine is wood burning pet portraits. See you on the other side of the fog.  

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