Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day RLP, Sr Thanks for giving me the Courage to Find the Hidden Talents You Left Me

It was not my intent to write to my Dad this morning, but when the bug bites you, you take the time. I guess this was one of the traits I got from him. The creative streak is really shining through these days.

My Dad who passed away in November 1994 was a very unique man. Since second grade I grew up in Lorain, Ohio a blue collar working class community. The other fathers there were different. They mostly smoked cigarettes, my dad smoked a pipe. They relaxed by pitching horse shoes or restoring a car in their garage. My dad was most comfortable sitting with the crossword puzzle and a cup of Hills Brothers coffee. He was different in a good way.

It takes time and patients to fully grasp the power of the mind. I was not in the loop until I was laid off from my blue collar job driving a semi full of mail. With other options not easily attainable I was forced to look deep into my mind and take stock. Who am I? This is what I kept asking myself.

After a lot of soul searching and "Rediscovering You" thanks Journey I began to parse the two postures out (the coffee drinker was in both camps yaa). On the one hand was this Lorain hardened blue collar trucker, plumber, can fix anything guy. What remained was a college student in the making who had undiscovered talents for writing, researching, web site development and making elaborate wood burning artwork. I also found a computer nerd in the pupa stages along with a love for taking care of others and listening to their problems.

At first I was a bit like Hightower in Police Academy trying to fit in the back seat of that "borrowed" Honda Civic. There were fits and starts and some learching forward not being familiar with the clutch / throttle balance. After I stayed with it I was able to do things I never thought were possible before. The wood burning is just the latest of my true inheritance from my Dad. He never pulled me aside and said at the age of 37 you will lose a good job, be forced to re-evaluate your entire value system, go back to school, and begin using hidden talents that I passed on to you. And lets face it even if he would have,

I would not have believed him. Well on this Father Day, 2011 I want to thank him for not spoiling the surprise for me. I feel close to him each time I write my thoughts or try another creative effort.

I love you Dad

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