Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wood Carving with Hand Tools Don't Sell Yourself Short.

I started with a piece of basswood
This was my first serious effort it was a neighbors discarded deck step. 
This is what I was able to complete after some practice.
Wood carving is a time honored tradition. I have found it to be a tremendous source of relaxation and stress relief. Believe it or not prior to about three weeks ago I had only ever used a box cutter to strip the bark off of a would be piece of fire wood. With a bit of practice I was able to achieve these results.

This is my favorite picture of Eddie which is on this page at all times. I transformed it  into wood.

Using a wood burning tool is an inexpensive way to finish your project.
I traced the picture I Printed out with a box cutter then removed all of the voided space with a small curved wood tool. This is also basswood.
I have to be so closely linked to technology in my schooling and internship that using the tools that have been around for hundreds of years just made sense to me. I was able to really connect with the wood in a way. This might sound silly but if you handle a piece of wood long enough you get familiar with the grain pattern and the best way to remove the material you want to exclude from your project. I felt such a sense of peace and calm when just playing some of my favorite old time country tunes (on my iPhone) and just being transported back in time. I hope you fight your fears of potential failure and find some of your hidden talents. Good Luck!
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