Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Day 2011-Why I Believe My Mom Loves the Color Green

Mothers Day, 2011 will just be different this year. As the years fly by in a world that has so many colors in its palate my mom loves green. This is no surprise to anyone who knows her. Over the last few years, she has become one of my best friends. One of the first tests of a friendship is to ask one of the parties what is your friend's favorite color. I have known that green was my mom's favorite color since I can remember, but recently I stopped to wonder why.
Very likely My Moms Next Car
Green is a secondary color. As a secondary color, it has the freedom to vary in its shade from light to very dark. It is a combination of yellow and blue two primary colors. Now she does also love The Blue Angels, but I digress. I thought about this for some time and have come up with some reasons. This is by no means an exhaustive listing just some things that cross my mind when I think of mom on this Mother's Day.
Her birthday is just a few days into spring, which is loaded with the magical renewing green colors sprouting up from the apparent lifeless soil. This renewal is one of the many things I am most proud of about my mom. After the love of her life, my father, passed away, she chose to push through the hard rocky soil and reinvent herself. She found the strength located deep within her soul to reemerge. Spouting up out of the ground as a completely different woman than existed three years and nine months earlier the day my Dad died. She came out of Lancaster Theological Seminary as a beautiful blossom completely renewed and ready to serve the Lord in ways nobody could have foreseen.
Lancaster Theological Seminary
Mom's Church Union U.C.C. Tekonsha, Mi.
The green plant she left behind at seminary to mark her husband's final resting place is a Harry Lauders walking stick. When the leaves are in bloom, the green bold color hides the curled indirect paths taken by the branches, which support them. If someone had asked her in 1992 if she thought, she would be a Pastor of a church and in her 12th year of service at the same church in the year 2011 she would have looked at him or her as if they had two heads. However, life is also filled with many unexpected twists and turns. Forrest Gump (like the green reference) was right life is like a box of chocolates.
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick in Bloom
Mom and Gram at Tendercare of Marshall
My grandmother died since the last Mother's Day. She was ready to be home with her God and family that had preceded her in death. She loved fresh flowers especially on Mother's Day. The tables in the dining room at the long-term care facility she lived in were adorned with flowers. I think of my Mom's tireless service at Tender Care serving trays to others, helper to the staff, minister to the sad, friend to the lonely, and most of all dedicated daughter to her sick mother. The green stems of the flowers on the tables must have been why she was there so often. She surely did not do it for the money as there was none left.
The Secret sticks we all have
My mom's is truly one of the most loving and caring women I have known in my life. Her love for the color green is not really, what is important here. What is important is why I think she deserves to have her story told on this Mother's Day. Sadly, I will be unable to be with her on Sunday but I wanted to shout as loud as I could why I love her and try to honor her the best way I know how, with my words of course. I love you Mom. 

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  1. Thank you, Rich. This is beautiful and really brightens my day. As much as I love green, it doesn't compare to how much I love you and Beth. I am honored to be your mother.


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