Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meebo.com is Really a Great Tool for Your Site/Blog

One of the latest trends I have seen is the Meebo Bar for your site. I was curious about this so I went and did some looking around and this is what I found.
Left Side of bar where you can choose to share pic's video's or text. I put in a custom button that goes to my favorite music.

The meebo.com site has two primary functions that I found. As a site for regular users it serves as an aggregation point for various instant messaging feeds a user might belong to. AIM or Facebook Chat even Google Chat works there. You can install a widget on you main tool bar on your desktop which will alert you when a friend signs on to a site you have registered with meebo.com. This is akin to the old days when you would hear the door open sound on AOL. Sorry I have not used AOL in years. They may still use that. They offer private chat rooms for collaboration with friends.

It is important that you register your accounts with them there so that they work on a site with a meebo bar.
I was chatting with the Facebook chat function without visiting Facebook. This is a function of the right side of the bar. This is where all of your Facebook friends, AOL chat, ect. go to be monitored. You can set a status available away so forth. You are then able to chat on what ever site you are on without being tied to a single site.

On my site for example I was watching YouTube videos, chatting on Facebook and updating twitter all without leaving my own site. This multiple tasking functionality is great.

As a site operator There is a ton of functionality too. This is why I am writing this in the first place. This bar allows you to un-clutter you page and put all of the links, videos, twitter feeds, RSS feeds and what ever else you want. You can even make customizable buttons that could link to photo albums or one of my favorites Prezi's. The flexibility is endless. I would imagine every page will have one of these bars in the future. You can bring your friends with you to your favorite site share parts of it link back and forth.

The basic code is cut and paste like a Facebook badge. From there you can add other buttons by adding scripts just above the </Script> HTML tag. That is just for custom buttons. The dashboard on meebo allows you to change up as you like allowing you different levels of permissions for every button there.

I have not been this excited about a new feature in some time. You can truly complete the Cyber-Trinity (LET THIS SERVE AS PROOF THAT I COINED THE PHRASE CYBER-TRINITY RIGHT NOW)  in one place. Blog it Facebook it Tweet it without ever leaving the page you are visiting.

I hope you take a minute and look at my site and try out the bar buttons and share this with your friends.  

YouTube Mini Player pops up from bar. No need to leave your site to see your videos.

Meebo Site

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