Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Social Engineering Rationalizations

I believe in a working environment there will be a certian level of civil behavior that permeates the culture. Most people I know want to be seen as being helpful and not make waves. I am sure that todays economic climate has people even more scared to stick out and be seen as a trouble maker.
I also think that most people want to believe that others they work with/for are inherantly good people. That might call into question their own judgement if they were to find out that they were working with a devious person and they didn't pick up on the clues. They might begin to doubt their own intuition about others. This is chiefly the aim of a social engineer to capitalize on these inate human truths. Well we need to get over it and realize that there are protocols that trump our own need to be liked and will preserve our job more than just being liked. If the company has a major breach and contracts in size and scale we might be out of a job anyway.

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